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August 12, 1998

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Nooty, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nooty
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic shorthair
Home: Miami, Florida, USA
   Nooty is a two-year old domestic shorthair. She lives with me in Miami, Florida. She loves to spend her days stalking the birds which come to feed on the balcony. Fortunately, for the birds anyway, the glass door is closed so she can't actually catch them, but it doesn't ever stop her from trying. She definitely has a personality all her own and she isn't afraid to let anyone know it. She brightens my every day.

    She got her name from a name which my father used to call kittens in general. We had two un-neutered female cats when I was growing up and twice a year we had a bunch of kittens. My sister and I absolutely loved having a continual supply of kittens and we lived in a small town in Wisconsin so local farmers were thrilled to have more cats. It worked out great. Anyway, my father would call the kittens "nooties" rather than kittens. So I thought it only appropriate to name my first cat as an adult after all the little kittens I helped raise as a child.

    Nooty has no trouble dealing with the heat because she's inside all the time. I would love to let her out but in Miami there are so many stray cats with every disease imaginable (not to mention a lot of traffic). She's much safer inside. I hope someday to have a fenced in yard for her to play in occasionally.

    Birding and eating are her two favorite activities. She used to like to play fetch (which was great for me, I just kept throwing and she did all the work) but she has outgrown that. She enjoys playing all the time but only with new and interesting toys. That keeps me busy trying to be creative enough to find something that will keep her attention for more than five minutes. After three years my creativity is beginning to fail me, any suggestions?

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