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August 10, 1998

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Opus, the Pet of the Day
Name: Opus
Age: Four and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ferret
Home: Mars, Pennsylvania, USA
   This is Opus, my four year old male ferret. He is the sweetest natured little Martian you'd ever want to meet, and he will do anything to get a seedless grape!

    Opus moved here from Colorado and his mom decided that he didn't fit into her life style any more, which is OK, because he fits just fine into mine! He is my oldest ferret ... around 4-1/2 ... and the most mellow and laid back. He loves to meet people and is very sweet natured. He comes to work with me more often than not, and has made many friends among the business community! Opus is probably the most photogenic of my ferrets, and he tends to pose. He likes to roll onto his back and gaze into your eyes and cross his little paws. He is savvy enough to know that this is worth a grape or two. Opus enjoys an occasional sip of iced tea, and grapes year round, and watermelon during the season. Recently, he nearly squashed himself when he smelled watermelon on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator when I opened the door, and grabbed the plastic bag it was in and tried to run with it. Half a watermelon weighs a lot more than he does! Opus is the most accommodating of all my ferrets, so on Halloween he wears the witch hat and helps hand out candy bars.

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