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August 2, 1998

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PJ, the Pet of the Day
Name: PJ
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Shetland Sheepdog
Home: Winter Park, Florida, USA
   PJ is a special dog, because she brings so much happiness to all the elderly people who live at my condo in Winter Park. Hardly a day goes by without her putting a smile on everyone's face. At times even the residents call on PJ to see if she is ok.

    In addition to all this, PJ loves to run around the yard and play tag. She especially loves to play catch with the little children in the park. She is a very happy dog.

    At times when everything looks blue to me and I want to cry, PJ comes to my aid with a twinkle in her eyes and sits by me. She tries to cheer me up. A little angel she is to me.

    Although she might not be famous, or a hero, she is my angel.

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