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August 1, 1998

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Josie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Josie
Age: One year and three months
Gender: Female
Kind: American Shorthair
Home: New York City, New York, USA
   Besides having the ability to lick her own nose, Josie is a cat of many talents, most of which she doesn't care to show! One of her other skills is that she is able to hear the sound of a can opener a mile away. She could be sleeping in another room, but whenever I open a can, even if it's not her cat food, she comes racing to the kitchen at full speed. Despite the fact that she ignores me when I call her name, she is always there to greet me at the door when I return home.

    Some of her favorite hobbies include peeping at the mailman from behind the curtains, taking a million naps a day, playing with her cat dancer, and of course eating like a little piggy! :) Her dislikes are having to consume dry kibble, taking baths, strangers, and trips to the vet.

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