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April 25, 1998

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Bubba, Dusty, the Pets of the Day
Name: Bubba, Dusty
Age: 4.5, 11 years old
Gender: Males
Kind: Great Dane,
Poodle/Terrier Mix
Home: Whitmore Lake, Michigan, USA
   The larger dog is a Harlequin Great Dane named Bubba, 4.5 years old. The smaller dog is a poodle/terrier mix named Dusty who is 11 years old. What a pair! And a very special part of our family.

    Now, what makes them special? Mostly, they are very spoiled and pampered pets! They live with two cats who are 11 year old littermates, which gives us quite a full household. At four and half years old, Bubba is still quite puppy-like and loves to play, with old stuffed animals and chew toys, and sometimes mistakes the other pets for toys to chew on! He loves to play inside the house and loves to run around outside with a toy, or chasing after squirrels. Dusty is our "old guy" and mostly likes to be comfortable and take naps. They both love to go for a ride, and fit well in our GMC Suburban.

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