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April 22, 1998

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Charlie and Amelia, the Pets of the Day
Name: Charlie, Amelia
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Tabbies
Home: West Dover, Vermont, USA
   These two brother and sister tabbies were brought to the humane society in a trash bin. After being checked out they were given to me to care for. The first night was rough, after they met my puppy, Amelia decided to hide out for a day or so. When I finally found her hiding in a fire wood pile in the basement it took awhile for her to want to be with me...her brother helped us get through this period, Charlie was easier to be friendly.

    Now almost 6 months later, they are a joy to be with. They are best of friends with 11 month old Jackson who is a golden/lab mix. They all play, eat and sleep together now. A great threesome. With the summer coming they look forward to being outdoors, as they are beginning to use their cat door. We all can't wait for summer!

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