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April 21, 1998

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Major Kira Norris, Smacker, K.C., the Pets of the Day
Name: Major Kira Norris, Smacker, K.C.
Age: 11, 1, 3 years old
Gender: Females
Kind: Greyhound, Boxer, Dalmatian/Lab
Home: Sussex County, New Jersey, USA
   The one thing my girls have in common is they all have been rescued. Kira comes from the Sugarloaf Greyhound Rescue Society in Sugarloaf, New York. Smacker was found on the Internet and came to me from the New Jersey Boxer Rescue. K.C. is from the Sparta Animal Rescue also in New Jersey.

    Despite their age differences they all play like puppies. Their hobbies are sunning, boating, chasing birds and each other. There is never a dull moment in my home, my girls can give the pink bunny a run for his money!

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