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April 20, 1998

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Gabby, Xena, the Pets of the Day
Name: Gabby, Xena
Age: One year old, Unknown
Gender: Females
Kind: Southern Painted Turtle
Red-eared Slider
Home: Peekskill, New York, USA
   I had Xena for about 6 months when I wanted to get another one, so back I went and found cute little Gabby looking at me! Since then I've gotten 2 more!

    Xena and Gabby have been roomates for about 9 months, and have become good friends. Xena is much larger than Gabby, but this has not caused any problems, in fact, Gabby enjoys having a large "rock" to climb upon to get out of the water. Gabby also kills some time by nipping at Xena's feet, probably to annoy her enough to get off of the prime sunning spot.

    Turtles as pets are very quiet! They're always looking at you, very friendly. They're just so cute! It is a lot of work keeping the tank clean. They are happy when you come home, even though they really want food!


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