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April 19, 1998

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Brittany, Lilly, the Pets of the Day
Name: Brittany, Lilly
Age: Five, Two years old
Gender: Females
Kind: Yorkshire Terriers
Home: Los Angeles, California, USA
   Brittany was born with luxating patellas and underwent five serious surgeries. She worked hard to walk on all fours. We were told she would never walk right... My leg was in a metal brace for 1 year. Brittany & I worked hard to heal our legs. We now walk and run....Brittany is a survivor.

    Lilly, at age 2 developed Liver shunt. She was almost dead. We flew her to UC Davis where she was operated on. The shunt was closed with an Ammorid ring...Lilly is fine now. These two little babies are survivors...with a zest for life...

    They just got a new little sister on Friday. She is nine weeks old, and her name is "Ashley."

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