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April 11, 1998

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Burr Rabbit, the Pet of the Day
Name: Burr Rabbit
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Looks like Norwegian Dwarf
Home: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
   This is my pet, Burr Rabbit. She has lived in the wild for 3 years, she lives in my yard. Burr Rabbit is named after the cold and the burrs that were found on her. I live a few miles north of Boston, Massachusetts. Burr was not always tame but last summer she grew to trust us. We feed her and leave her water every day. She loves carrots and raisins. She is such a joy to see when she hops over to us and begs for food. The whole neighborhood looks out for her. We take her in on really cold and snowy days. But she is happier outside where she scampers about. She even lays down next to us outside on a hot summer evening. She has the run of our garden, she can eat anything she wants.

    Burr gets treats every day, she loves her raisins. She is spoiled, but we love spoiling her. I would like to add that the people in small animal chat, "rabbit chat" are really special to me. If I didn't find them I am afraid I would not have had so much success with Burr, and Burr would not have had the right foods to eat. Also she would never have tasted a raisin. All the people in the chat are so informative and they are all so thoughtful, I have made a lot of new friends with the rabbit chat and Burr.

    Burr does answer to her name, when I call (even when I don't see her) she will hop over to me if she is in the yard, when she sees my husband she jumps up on his leg.

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