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April 10, 1998

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Kenya, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kenya
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Husky Mix
Home: Longview, Texas, USA
   Hi! I'm Kenya - the best pal that Bill Russell ever had! Bill adopted me when I was just a little bundle of fur in Divide, Colorado.

    I remember romping around in the snow and going to work with Bill at construction sites. We then moved to Longview, Texas and I ended up living with four cats - wow! - what an experience, but I survived - they turned out to be great friends too.

    I'm a big girl now and find myself chasing squirrels and birds in our big back yard. I get lonely when Bill is at work but look forward to when he comes home and plays frisbee with me. The most fun I have is when we go fishin' at the lake - I haven't caught any fish yet, but Bill is a great fisherman. My claim to fame is that I can talk.... In order to get a treat or make everyone smile I say "OL' ROY." (Wal-Mart dog food and treats) One of these days I want to broaden my vocabulary so that I can tell Bill just how much I love him. Check out my homepage!!

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