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April 9, 1998

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Ethel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ethel
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bearded Collie
Home: Cambridge, United Kingdom
   Ethel grew up with me here in Cambridge, UK, and is a very special dog indeed. She is an extremely friendly dog so not very good at warning off burglars because she just ends up sitting on their feet. But she is a very pretty girl and is also the mother of a litter of ten puppies.

    Ethel is now about 9 years old and is originally from Scotland. She likes to show off a great deal as her coat is always very beautiful. She has had one litter of ten puppies, but none of them live here anymore. However, we have two cats which Ethel is great friends with and they all play together (but I think Ethel is frightened of the cats most of the time!). Ethel likes rolling in the grass a lot but even more so in the mud, so there is often a knock on the door from Ethel looking like a mudball.

    Ethel has a very gentle disposition, so is not a very good guard dog as she tends to lick burglars instead of frightening them away. Ethel's father was on Blue Peter because he worked with handicapped children, and Ethel's grandfather was in Crufts.

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