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Pebbles the Miniature Pinscher Pebbles
Miniature Pinscher
Union Beach, New Jersey, USA
April 01, 1998

Lithium the Cat Lithium
New Jersey, USA
April 02, 1998

Vinny the Chihuahua Vinny
Glendale, New York, USA
April 03, 1998

Pookie the Akita, Retriever Pookie
Akita, Retriever
Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA
April 04, 1998

Oscar the Maine Coon Cat Oscar
Maine Coon Cat
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
April 05, 1998

Raffi the Budgie (Parakeet) Raffi
Budgie (Parakeet)
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
April 06, 1998

Mischif the Weimaraner Mischif
Reno, Nevada, USA
April 07, 1998

Baileys the Cat Baileys
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
April 08, 1998

Ethel the Bearded Collie Ethel
Bearded Collie
Cambridge, United Kingdom
April 09, 1998

Kenya the Husky Kenya
Longview, Texas, USA
April 10, 1998

Burr Rabbit the Norwegian Dwarf Burr Rabbit
Norwegian Dwarf
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
April 11, 1998

Buddy the Cottontail Rabbit Buddy
Cottontail Rabbit
Northford, Connecticut, USA
April 12, 1998

Sancho the Savannah Monitor Sancho
Savannah Monitor
Santa Clara, California, USA
April 13, 1998

Cassie the Alaskan Malamute Cassie
Alaskan Malamute
Roswell, New Mexico, USA
April 14, 1998

Shentsek the Cat Shentsek
April 15, 1998

Max the Dalmatian Max
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
April 16, 1998

Trouble the Cat Trouble
Maine, USA
April 17, 1998

Bear the Collie Bear
Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA
April 18, 1998

Brittany and Lilly the Yorkshire Terriers Brittany and Lilly
Yorkshire Terriers
Los Angeles, California, USA
April 19, 1998

Gabby and Xena the Turtles Gabby and Xena
Peekskill, New York, USA
April 20, 1998

Major Kira Norris, Smacker and K.C. the Dogs Major Kira Norris, Smacker and K.C.
Sussex County, New Jersey, USA
April 21, 1998

Charlie, Amelia the Cats Charlie, Amelia
West Dover, Vermont, USA
April 22, 1998

Irie, Sunjah the Dogs Irie, Sunjah
Hawaii, USA
April 23, 1998

Nina, Natasha, and Tess the Dogs Nina, Natasha, and Tess
St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia
April 24, 1998

Bubba and Dusty the Dogs Bubba and Dusty
Whitmore Lake, Michigan, USA
April 25, 1998

Kasha, Cotton the Dogs Kasha, Cotton
California, USA
April 26, 1998

Murray the African Pygmy Hedgehog Murray
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Charleston, South Carolina, USA
April 27, 1998

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