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September 30, 1997

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Scoobi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Scoobi
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Border Collie
Home: Cape Town, South Africa
   Before I got Scoobi, my family weren't dog-lovers at all; they often couldn't understand how some people cried when their dogs died or ran away or whatever. Scoobi has made them realise how wonderful dogs are as pets and friends, and all of us love him very much.

   He is incredibly intelligent (got full marks for the intelligence test in Dr Stanley Cohen's book "The Intelligence of Dogs"), faithful and loving, and he makes all of us look forward to coming home because we know the wonderful greeting we'll get as soon as we walk through the door. He has been going to obedience training since he was about 6 months old, and he is the best jumper and most obedient dog in the advanced class. He has also come in the top three in every obedience competition he has entered.

   He is extremely energetic and loves to play. On numerous occassions he has attracted a large audience when playing cricket with me on beaches, fields or any other places I take him. He loves chasing his tennis ball, and that is how he plays cricket: he fetches the ball when it has been hit away, and he knows which person to take it back to (whoever the bowler is). He is the ultimate companion and he comes with us just about everywhere we go, and he even gets birthday and Christmas presents.

   Out of the many photos I have of Scoobi, I chose this one, because he looks as though he is smiling at the camera. For more photos of Scoobi, visit Scoobi's World.

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