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September 23, 1997

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Kitty, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kitty
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Santa Cruz, California, USA
   Our office cat, Kitty, is special because she has her own "live camera" on the net, and her own domain, Kitty's web site gets visitors from all over the world and she has gotten e-mail in several languages. Many people are regular viewers of the KittyCam web site and visit several times a week to see their favorite internet cat!

   Kitty has lived with JointSolutions Marketing for just over 2 years. She lives in the office because she "adopted" our office as her home. The company was originally located in Boulder Creek, a small town in the mountains outside of Santa Cruz. We had a back deck, and Kitty just started hanging out on the deck, and eventually worked her way into the office. Soon she was arriving in the morning before the employees, and crying to be let in. We discovered she was a stray, quite common to the area, and started feeding and taking care of her. A year later when our offices moved to downtown Santa Cruz, Kitty came with us, and we decided she could live in the office as a permanent "employee." Kitty has a dedicated staff of 11 to 13 people who pet her and take care of her, and probably gets more attention than she might living in one of our homes (since we work all day).

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