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September 18, 1997

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Name: Ripley
Age: Almost three years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Golden Retriever
Home: Elk River, Minnesota, USA
   At six months old, Ripley had surgery on both hips for severe hip dysplasia (see our web site's hip dysplasia information to see a photo!). He had been in obedience class, and had to take three months off to recover. He did recover, and went on to get his AKC companion dog title, and to become a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International. I've had dogs all my life, and have three cocker spaniels now, also, but Ripley is special. He is the most gentle, loving, intelligent dog I have ever met! He is a joy to be around every day. Now Ripley is training for the Companion Dog Excellent title, and does he ever love to jump!!!! That is something I never imagined he would be able to do when I saw the x-rays of his hips as a puppy. I know, now, that I will always have golden retrievers in my life, thanks to my very own goldendog, Ripley!

   Stop by our web site Ripley's Retrieve-It-Or-Not to learn more about Ripley!

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Ripley, the Pet of the Day