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September 14, 1997

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Name: Marty
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Black Lab/Pit Bull
Home: California, USA
   I took the picture after getting a dog size pacifier in a bag of dog food. Marty would set on a picnic table and catch it when I toss it to him. That lead to a simple toss and click picture.

   Marty loves to play with children. A bit too much in fact. He learned that he could chew his way through the fence between our two yards and was simply having way too much fun.

   While we were replacing the entire fence he had the run of two yards. One night while my neighbor Brian went to his garage to check something without turning on the lights Marty snuck past him and the next thing anyone knew he was licking Laura's face waking her up. That must have been something to be licked and not able to see who or what was licking her.

   Otherwise I would describe him as a no nonsense dog who keeps the curious out of my yard.

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Marty, the Pet of the Day