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September 4, 1997

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Name: Chaos
Age: 12 years
Gender: Male
Breed: Persian
Home: British Columbia
Chaos, the Pet of the Day
   Chaos was my room-mate for 10 years, just him and I. Two years ago, when I got married, we had the reception at our home. It was standing room only, and this cat came out and took over the chair of someone who stood up for a minute (he loves attention).

   Not only was he now faced with living with a man taking up some of my time, we got one puppy (Zeus) followed by a few months later another (Apollo). This cat, at age 11, had never been exposed to dogs yet just accepted them, didn't hide or pout. They all get along fine. To me, this makes him pet of the day every day - those puppies tested my endurance some days and I don't qualify as a senior citizen like Chaos.

   Chaos's likes include:
  • Sleeping on his back in the living room
  • Sleeping outside in a chair
  • Sleeping in the closet
  • Being petted
  • Visiting with the neighbors when he can. (Their 2 year old loves him)
  • Brushing
  • Baths

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