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November 24, 1997

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Pouince, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pouince
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Breed: Canary
Home: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
   Pouince is a tiny canary (or a pinch-mark, we never found out), totally tamed. She was two days old when she was found in her parents' cage right after they were sold. She is more than used to people. People are her natural companions. She likes to:
  • Sleep on my hand, inside my collar on my neck, and in the hollow of the elbow.
  • Eat everything I eat, even drink beer, and make the dining table a mess. She is fond of spaghetti with ketchup.
  • Take baths in my hand, under a thin dribble of water.
  • Go back and forth between the 7 nests I put in every apartment's room.
She doesn't like:
  • When I don't answer her (She says "Tsoin" and I have to answer "Tsoin" too so she knows I pay attention to her.)
  • When I don't let her eat butter. So she takes a bite and flies away to eat it with a mocking "Tsoin!"
  • To sleep late, so she wakes me up at 7 on sunday.


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