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November 22, 1997

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Pixel & Sprite, the Pets of the Day
Name: Pixel & Sprite
Age: 1.5 years (Pixel), 3 months (Sprite)
Gender: Female, Male
Breed: Manx (Pixel)
Home: Illinois, USA
   When we moved here to Illinois a few months ago, we had to spend more time away from home than before, and our cat Pixel seemed lonely. Since she got along with other cats, we got Sprite to keep her company. They were fast friends and love to play and wrestle together. Here's a picture of them during a rare quiet moment.

    Pixel is the sweetest cat we've ever known. She's affectionate and friendly to everyone, most animals included. Sprite is a little imp who gets into constant trouble, but in quiet moments he's also very loving and affectionate. We don't know what we ever did without the two of them to keep us company!

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