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November 14, 1997

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Lacey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lacey
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Breed: Dalmatian
Home: Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
   I got Lacey when she was eleven months old because she had destroyed her owners wiring on his utility trailer. Like most dalmatian owners he did not realize that dalmatians need attention. She had been locked in the back yard and no one ever visited her except to bring her food. To get attention she became destructive.

    When I arrived to pick her up she was shaking, tail tucked (obviously had been beaten by that man because he could not touch her, when he tried she tried to run. She was on leash at the time). The owners told me not to let her off leash because she never comes when called.

    First thing I did was give her a bath. She was filthy. She trusted no one. We could not go near her for 3 days. Finally she came out of her shell and gave us a chance. At first she destroyed anything that came in her view (this was the only way she felt she could get attention).

    To make a long story short, with a lot of love and attention she now has full freedom of our house with no problems. She is the best protection dog I have ever had. When I got her she would let no one touch her especially strangers. As I am very active in flyball and Agility she had to learn to accept lots of strangers uhhhhhhing and aughhhhhing over her and now she loves it. She is one of our clubs best flyball dogs and one of 3 in the Abbotsford area that plays. I am now starting to train her in Agility and hope next year to participate in obedience trials as well.

    These people have no idea what a wonderful dog they gave up. If only they had let her be a real part of their family, she would have given her life for them as I am sure she would do for us.

    Lacey doing a perfect "swimmers turn" during flyball practice in the photo above.

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