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November 13, 1997

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Mouska, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mouska
Age: 22 months old
Gender: Female
Breed: St. Bernard
Home: Levis, Quebec, Canada
   Even though she's big (168 lbs.), no dog is sweet like her with people and kids. I've been in Europe a lot and never seen a nice St. Bernard like Mouska.

    She loves children, so every time she goes to the ski hills she looks for them. Mouska loves to hang out in the snow and watch skiers go by, of course she always brings brandy in her keg in case she finds a desperate skier who needs to warm up...

    Unfortunately she would like to be friends with everybody, but because she's so big all the little dogs are scared of her at first. Once they meet a couple of times, the relationship is a lot better and Mouska is happy to have a new friend.

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