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November 5, 1997

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Ray Earl, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ray Earl
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Indiana, USA
   I would like to introduce everyone to a very handsome gentleman by the name of Ray Earl. I volunteer with a local non-profit animal rescue organization that also highly promotes Spay/Neuter. Ray Earl is one of my "foster" furkids. Cats and Dogs of all ages stay in the "Foster" parents homes until they are adopted by new loving, caring parents.

    Ray Earl was abandoned in a rural part of Indiana and was almost dead from starvation. We took him, got him checked by the vet and started on his program back to wellness.

    He is now doing great! He has made himself right at home and we are learning his little quirks. We have found that he cannot have Catnip. He can't handle it because he gets way to hyper. He's a great guy and very much a lapcat now.

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