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November 3, 1997

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Licker, the Pet of the Day
Name: Licker
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Breed: Mini Rex, Rabbit
Home: Alabama, USA
   Licker is our computer bunny. She lives in a large two story cage in the computer room with Beans, Ollie and her five babies. All of the buns, babies included, are allowed outside playtime when someone is in the room to watch them. Since the computer room is occupied most of the day they get many hours of outside play. All computer wires are covered in Radio Shack cable wrap. Before the cable wrap, Licker shorted out the keyboard by nibbling on the wire. We don't completely trust that they can't chew through the cable wrap but at least it gives us time to catch them before any damage is done.

    When Licker is out for playtime the first thing she does is jump on the chair and check out the computer. We suspect she uses the computer while we are all asleep and can't wait to check her email. We all wonder what her screen name is. She is the sweetest bunny we have and we are all her "bunny slaves." She loves to have her face rubbed.

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