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December 26, 1997

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Bismarck, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bismarck
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Boxer
Home: France
   Bismarck, because our neighbour's dog was named Napoleon...:-) Born the 17th of June in Belgium, 1989. He is a brindle Boxer, that is to say he's striped. He weighs 33 kg and he's 59 cm in girth. He is terribly affectionate and demonstrative... He is very athletic, quite brute, too, but with young children he controls his power and he his very kind. His life is routine with walks that he loves...and with lunch hours, where he is very impatient. He eats two times a day. He snores VERY strongly when he is asleep (I should say he whirres)! Then he doesn't hear anything but a nearly inaudible mewing makes him jump... He slobbers a lot in summer...It is terrible! We can follow him by his trail and he leaves trail on all things he touches (like if a snail has gone there). Don't come close to him when he shakes his head: deluge risk! You can't let him alone...see the picture!!! He guesses what we think..:-)

    Bismarck is very kind with children who can do what they want to him. The only problem is the fact he doesn't like cats...Well, a typical dog I guess!

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