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December 25, 1997

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Dreamer, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dreamer
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Boxer
Home: Louisiana, USA
   Dreamer lives in a home with five other boxers, being the youngest female here so is considered a puppy. Dreamer took it in her own hands to show us how "big" she is. One night while waiting for my youngest son, Casey, to come in, I laid down to read a book. Dreamer, Sweetpea and Sam were loose in the house. I heard a truck drive up and assumed it was Casey, after a few minutes when he didn't come in I decided it was a neighbor. All of a sudden Dreamer took off outside (the dog door), only to return with her hair standing up and barking. Dreamer has never been a barker, and I had never heard that kind of bark out of her before. She was dancing around my bed carrying on, then ran to the door of Bobby's (another son) room and barked. Bobby took off out the door with her to see what was wrong, with me following close behind. (all this time Sweetpea or Sam never moved off my bed)

    Casey has been sick, the week before with the flu, on top of that he has asthma which had been bothering him some, and also had a kidney stone we knew nothing about at the time. This is the way Casey tells us what happened, while walking to the gate of our fence, he tripped over a limb and couldn't get back up. When he yelled for help, no one heard him, so he panicked a little and was having trouble breathing. Dreamer came running up to the fence, he told her to go get help, she took off for the house and you know the rest.

    If anyone had told me one of my dogs did something like this I would have never believed it was Dreamer girl. She is our hero! BTW-Casey was fine, just a little sore.

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