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December 23, 1997

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Weston, the Pet of the Day
Name: Weston
Age: 16 months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dalmatian
Home: California, USA
   Weston is my special guy, from the day I first met him my heart was his.I think the feeling was mutual too right from the start. As I was sitting among a bunch of pups trying to decide just who would be mine, Weston ran over to me, put his little paws around my neck and blew in my ear. Right then and there it was a done deal! Since that day one year ago, we have had our ups and downs, and all of them are filled with lots of laughs as any Dalmatian owned person will attest to.

    Weston and I attend obedience classes (he is not real crazy about these), and agility classes. One of his favorite games to play on the agility field is changing his direction when he is going through the tunnel. I will be running along yelling Weston through, and looking for him to come out the end of the tunnel only to find that Weston turned himself around inside the tunnel and went back out the other opening and is now at the other end of the field socializing with a pal of his! Weston loves his "fun & games" but also has a job to do and does it very well. He does know when it is time for work and does get down to business when I ask him to ( provided I have a pocketful of goodies). I am a photographer and I use Weston as the main subject for quite a bit of my work. I started training him for this at a very early age and he loves to be in the spotlight! So much so that he tends to get a little pouty when he has to share his stage with another dog! You can see Weston at work at his web site. Today is a very special day for Weston, he just won the best of breed competition at the Virtual Dog Show. I am so proud of him! Weston is truly a special dog he can liven up the dullest day, challenge your patients,but most of all make you really glad that you are a "Dalmatian owned person."

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