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December 22, 1997

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Bruno, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bruno
Age: 14 months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rottweiler
Home: West Pubnico, Nova Scotia, Canada
   Bruno is a Rottweiler and is 14 months old. He is currently at 100 lbs and growing. He is expected to reach a weight of approx. 129 lbs. The reason that Bruno should be pet of the day is because he is extremely friendly and is very much a "people dog." The only thing is, that most people are afraid of him because of what they see in the movies and hear in the media. Luckily for him, he's not aware of the effect he has on people and just goes about in his usual friendly manner. (Rotties are what you make them. Just as any other dog) He deserves a break.

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