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December 19, 1997

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Caesar, the Pet of the Day
Name: Caesar
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Boxer
Home: Texas, USA
   Caesar is our four year old Boxer. We bought him from a breeder when he was six weeks old, and we have been very happy with our choice of breed. At 70 pounds he looks pretty formidable, but he is really a gentle, loving dog with a very colorful personality. He loves to be with us and always follows us wherever we go. He loves to ride in the Jeep with Gary and take long walks with me. He prances proudly beside me and never fails to get a favorable comment from others when we go out. He is equally happy lying at our feet while we watch TV or sleeping at the foot of out bed at night. When he is trying to communicate something to us like "Take me on a walk," "I'm hungry" or "I disagree with you" he vocalizes in such a way that we affectionately refer to him as a "Wookie" because the sounds he makes are a deep throated combination between a whine and a growl that come out sounding very unique. Picture his mouth curled into an "O" while he repeats "Woo Woo Woo Wooooooo" at varying pitches. It really makes him very personable and not at all threatening, as some people would imagine.

    We are very happy that we chose the Boxer breed. The temperament of the breed is suited to our needs. Caesar is active, but not hyper, he is intelligent, loving and very patient. He never gets snappy, even around children, and seems to realize that he needs to tone down his playfulness around them. I know he would be protective of his family if he was called upon to do so, but he is never suspicious of strangers or guests, in fact he rarely even barks unless there is a good reason, and he always takes his cues from us on how he should greet someone. We couldn't have asked for a better pet.

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