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December 15, 1997

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Dusty Dan, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dusty Dan
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Breed: Burro
Home: Placerville, California, USA
   Dusty Dan lives his life of ease in Placerville, which is the seat of El Dorado County in the California Sierra Foothills. During the early Gold Rush Days, Placerville was named Hangtown, but the town fathers in their wisdom and attempts to improve the general reputation of the area (not to mention luring major chain department stores), changed the name to Placerville. Dan is typical of the breed used by early California gold prospectors to haul their provisions and tools during their search for fame and riches.

    Dusty Dan has not divulged his age to us, but he is obviously still in his prime as he's known as quite the 'stud of the neighborhood.' The hills around our home echo with lady burros' serenades of love aimed solely at seeking his favor. Though he is a proud specimen of his species, he's not too proud to come to the back fence and bray for an apple or a handful of Quaker Oats.

    We adopted Dan as our own when his owner, our neighbor, moved. Personality wise, he is the sweetest, gentlest animal. Burros have a reputation for being stubborn and headstrong, but that's not our Dan. We've have very young children feed him, puppies yapping at him and he has always been the perfect gentleman. Whenever we relax on our patio and he hears us laughing and talking, we hear him braying as he comes trotting up to join the party. He's very sociable. We really love our *very* special pet.

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