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December 13, 1997

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Dolly Meredith, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dolly Meredith
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Breed: Russian shorthair
Home: Brisbane, Australia
   Dolly is quite special because she has such a colourful character. She is a very confident female (a real tom boy) who knows how to have Fun! When she's not swinging from the tallest branches she is stalking bush turkeys or playing with her favourite toy mouse, stuffed koala bear, or hairy berry - a stuffed Kiwi friut!

    Dolly is very petite and loves curling up in small boxes, baskets, bowls - whatever she can get herself into. She makes Houdini look like an amateur. She does have some unattractive traits however, she is a real flirt when any tradesmen are around - a little embarassing. And her favourite person is her uncle Peter who lives up stairs. She isn't into spending hours grooming herself - not when there are so many birds in the trees waiting for some fun or lizards hiding under the leaves waiting to be chased.

    We love her very much and want you to meet her too.

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