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December 11, 1997

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Xing & Vego, the Pet of the Day
Name: Xing & Vego
Age: 4.5, 1.5 years old
Gender: Female, Male
Breed: German Shepherd
Home: Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA
   Two of the best "people" shepherds ever. They also are big talkers & tell the family what they want! Xing is always with her ball and is an absolute water-dog. In our lake in Wisconsin especially, she fetches her ball and if no one will play, she fetches water skis, life jackets, wakeboards - whatever! She drops her ball off the pier, watches it float away and retrieves it. When that fails, she goes underwater to find rocks and bring them up. Both dogs won't let us swim without them and climb on the raft to be with us. We have to be careful when sailboarding, skiing or wakeboarding - they'll follow us in the lake!

    Vego runs like the wind and never quits. When we sleep, he lands his 80 pounds on our bed. Vego gets off when we ask him, but we ALWAYS wake up with him on our feet. Shepherds are work, but what a reward!

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