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December 1, 1997

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Lap, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lap
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Dutch
Home: Tokyo, Japan
   Hello animal friends. I am a Dutch rabbit named Lap. I live in an apartment house in Tokyo with my Mom and Daddy. I get up early in the morning (5:00am) every day, and I enjoy a Sumo-Bout with my friends, stuffed toy animals. They are Pooh, Russ and Gris. I enjoy them in earnest every time. I always let Mom know about the litter box after I finish using it. I poke Mom's foot to tell her about it when she is in the kitchen or the dining room. Mom asks me about the litter box and I go near my cage (my litter box is in a cage) with Mom. She says "You are such a good boy" and I feel happy. I like to stay awake all night and behave myself under the dining table. Dad comes through the rest room in the middle of the night and I always ask him to play with me. I jump up on his bed and never come back to my place until I play with him.

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