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Scooby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Scooby
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Waldorf, Maryland, USA
   My pet is special to me because, about three months ago I lost my first guinea pig Casper to a really bad infection that started in the eye and began to harm the rest of his body. Casper was very hyper and always there when I needed some love when I had a bad day. He always knew how to comfort me, and needless to say I have been devastated since his passing.

    Scooby here was a blessing. Something told me to walk into that Petsmart that day just to look, and there he was sitting there in his little cage all by his self looking very afraid and ready to get out of there. I turned to my boyfriend, who had already bought him without me even knowing, (I guess I was admiring little Scooby long enough for him to get the hint lol) but with tears in my eyes I was eager to take the little guy home and I'm very happy that I did. Every day that I have had my handsome, (very rare around here) albino baby I have been nothing but happy.

    What makes him so special is that he is very affectionate. He absolutely loves to cuddle under mine and his daddy's chins and nudge us every once in a while to get closer to us. For a chubby little thing, he sure can get around fast. He loves to do circles around his hut, and will definitely dance for a carrot. He is such a hyper, energetic little love bug and is best friends with our cat Callie. They often sleep side my side, it's very cute and they loved playing together!

    While he can't take the place of my dear Casper, I certainly know his spirit is with me every day. I love you Casper, and I sure love you, Scooby!

Scooby, the Pet of the Day

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