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Creature the Cuban Knight Anole, the Pet of the Day
Name: Creature
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cuban Knight Anole
Home: Florida, USA
   This is Creature, my male Cuban Knight Anole. I've been a fan of this breed since I was 11 and almost always had one when I could afford it. I've only had Creature for about a year and he already has the most attitude I've seen in a while. He's about three years old, judging from his size, which makes him a juvenile. I caught him wild (as I do for most of my lizards) and this breed is quite aggressive so it took me a month to get him to stop biting my hand. At this point he doesn't even need a cage and will sleep above my bed on a stuffed lizard at night without moving.

     If I'm gone during the day I'll put him on a shelf on a toy ship which he uses as a jungle gym. Most of the time when I get back he hasn't left the shelf, but there were a few times I've found him across the room on my window(another place I often put him to hang out), he's even taking a nap on my monitor as I type this. He's actually super dependent and if I left food and water around for him to find, he wouldn't even try to go for it, opting to wait for me to put it in his face. He does show a mean side if I mess with him while he's basking though, like if he's out in his cage or in a window and I come near him, he'll flare up (not that he ever attempts to bite). With that in mind, he is also not at all afraid of dogs and would probably rather bite them than run.

     Pretty sure all that makes my Creature pretty special!

Creature the Cuban Knight Anole, the Pet of the Day Creature the Cuban Knight Anole, the Pet of the Day Creature the Cuban Knight Anole, the Pet of the Day

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