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Frank, the Pet of the Day
Name: Frank
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cinnamon Banded Hamster
Home: Nottingham, England, UK
   This is Frank, a Cinnamon Banded Hamster. I adopted him from my mum's friend's friend in December last year as he was given to a girl by her boyfriend. When the two of them spilt up, however, she left Frank with the boy who did not want to take care of him. He then gave Frank to his grandmother, who was terrified of him! I remember getting a telephone call saying "Do you want a hamster?" and of course I said "YES!!"

    Franky is the sweetest little hamster I have ever owned, although he was very shy when he first came to live with us having been messed about so much. He has really come out of his shell and is a very cheeky and hilarious little man! He eats like a pig and loves to burrow in the cushions on the couch! His favorite food is peanuts and his favourite toy is his little carrot-shaped chew toy! I love him very much. <3

Frank, the Pet of the Day

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