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Maestro, the Pet of the Day
Name: Maestro
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Green Cheek Conure
Home: Nova Scotia, Canada
   Back in June of this year, I decided to get my first pet bird, Maestro! When I first got him, I was playing with him at the pet store when I realized that we had bonded rather quickly, so I took him home! Although it took a few days to adjust to his new home, he was quick to adjust to the family.

    Since bringing him to his new home, Maestro has learned several little cute tricks. He has learned the simple command of stepping up onto your finger. When I leave the room, he commonly flies out and perches on my shoulder, one of his favorite places to be. Maestro is starting to learn to say little things as well. The noises he makes range from mimicking the chirps from my sister's Cockatiel, Snow (who also happens to be his best friend), to saying "Hey Birdie!" whenever somebody enters the room.

    Maestro is a really musical bird. He enjoys dancing up and down and chirping along to any song you play! He often also chirps along when I whistle, sing, or play my flute. Quite often, he displays his happiness by dancing up and down, chirping "Birdie!" Maestro is also a snuggly birdie. He enjoys sitting on my shoulder and snuggling into my hair, even preening it! He is particular; he prefers to stay with me, but will snuggle with anybody else if I am not around. Maestro is a really social birdie, and enjoys the company of others; this would include our two dogs! Maestro often preens their fur, and sits on top of them while they walk around the house. Commonly, he enjoys lying on his back at random, sometimes playing with an object if you place it in his feet.

    In terms of food, Maestro rather enjoys sharing food with people! Most mornings I'll sit with him and let him have a small piece of my toast, or a piece of fruit. His favorite foods are currently bread biscuits, veggie crackers, and raisins! At home, we have cups that come with a lid and a straw that can be pulled through the hole in the top. Maestro has figured out how to pull the straw out and drink droplets of whatever is in there on the side of the straw! Overall, Maestro can be rather kooky, but there is no bird I would rather curl up and read a book with than this little guy!

Maestro, the Pet of the Day
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Maestro, the Pet of the Day
Maestro, the Pet of the Day
Maestro, the Pet of the Day

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