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Jacob the Budgie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jacob Brandon
Age: Deceased, one year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Budgie
Home: Florida, USA
   Jacob joined my little flock in September 2011. I got him because I had three female budgies, and two of them were picking on the other. It had become a problem, because they wouldn't let her eat, they would shoo her away from the food dish. I thought that if I got another budgie to even it out and become Weasley's, the one who was being picked on, friend, that it would be better. So I brought Jacob home to hopefully be her friend.

       Jacob went through quarantine for a month, waiting to meet the other budgies that he heard. When his quarantine was over, I introduced him to Weasley. He liked her right away, but Weasley didn't like him too much. For awhile, he followed her around and tried to be her friend. Eventually, she accepted him as her friend. They started doing everything together, eating, sleeping, preening, and after awhile, they fell in love with each other.

       When the two girl that were being mean, Bella and Hermione, joined Weasley and Jacob in the big cage, they once again tried to prevent Weasley from eating. Jacob saw this, and was not happy. So he hopped up between the two of them, swung his body to one side to knock one of the girls off, and then swung his body to the other side to knock the other one off. Then he let Weasley eat. The two girls didn't really pick on Weasley much after that.

       It was during this period of time, that my flock was perfect. I had four budgies and one conure who all got along and all loved me. It was perfect.

       My perfect flock broke one sad day in October 2012. Jacob passed away on October 20th, leaving me and Weasley absolutely heartbroken. Weasley mourned very badly. She wouldn't play, and she sat quietly in the corner of her cage.

       Jacob was such a sweet bird. He was shy towards other people, but very sweet to those he knew. He was so loving and protective towards his Weasley, and it was oh so sweet.

       Since then, I have lost all the members of my original dream flock, except for my conure Peatree. It makes me very sad. During the time that I had Jacob, I didn't have a very good camera. But the image of his sweet and gentleness, and his happy face live vividly inside of my heart.


Jacob the Budgie, the Pet of the Day Jacob the Budgie, the Pet of the Day

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