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Fidget the Syrian Hamster, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fidget
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Syrian Hamster
Home: England, UK
   Fidget is my little Syrian Hamster. He is very cheeky and has escaped loads of times. One time I slept in my sisters room with her (upstairs) and fidget was in his cage in my bedroom (downstairs) and he escaped from his cage, climbed the stairs and came into my sister's room and climbed on my pillow. I put him back down in his cage and an hour later I woke up to scratching and there he was on my pillow again! How can you scold a face like that when he just wants to be with you? He is very loyal. He has the cutest ears ever ... they've got black and white patches like a Dalmation!

     He knows a few tricks, he can climb twelve stairs, he can climb onto my bed (it's a very high bed!) and he can do lots of cool stuff! He loves to be cuddled and explore! Here is a picture of him - isn't he cute? :)

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