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Smaug, the Pet of the Day
Name: Smaug
Age: Young
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Bearded Dragon
Home: South Carolina, USA
   This my dear Bearded Dragon, its name is Smaug, after the Lord of the Rings dragon of course! I just got him/her in March, and I am not sure yet whether Smaug is male or female, but it is adorable either way! I also do not know its exact age, just that it is still a young dragon - and adorable of course.

    Smaug is very sweet. And unlike many bearded dragons I have met, it is not at all skittish or afraid and seems to really like its new home. Smaug is - very freindly (not fierce like the character in the books), and I look forward to many years ahead together!

Smaug, the Pet of the Day
Smaug, the Pet of the Day

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