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Boris the Dwarf Hamster, the Pet of the Day
Name: Boris
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dwarf Hamster
Home: Germany
   Meet Boris everyone! He is a dwarf hamster and I adopted him about last spring. We were still getting to know each other in this picture, but he's now trusting me enough to sit on my hand and have his photo taken - at least if he gets a treat.

     He is now about eleven months old. When I adopted him, they said he's a Djungarian dwarf hamster but I guess it's more likely that he's a Campbell-Djungarian hybrid. For Christmas, I made him his own little Christmas tree out of broccoli florets and fruit decorations. He loves broccoli nearly as much as sunflower seeds. He's the sweetest and most friendly pet I could have ever hoped for!

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