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Thread: siamese/manx mix

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    I do not have siamese manx but i have a Siamese\Egyptian Mau mix named Dexter
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    Is this kitten a Manx/Siamese lynx point?

    I rescued this kitten - she is 4 months old. She is very vocal and playful. She gets nervous about noises she doesn't understand, but then relaxes after she feels she is safe. She loves to roll over on her back to have you pet her stomach! It is really weird. I have two other manx (or bobtails, I have no clue what the difference is).

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    We cannot see the picture, do you have a jpg you could attach?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Claw'd View Post
    got four Kittens last night
    three with tails one with out
    that makes six this month
    two short tailed
    looking for a manx siamese yrs ago i had some , , wanting another bad , just lost my manx of 15 yrs ,

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    Siamese Manx

    I have a beautiful flame-point siamese manx. He was a rescue cat from the Bahamas! He's a big boy, blue eyes (cross-eyed), and double pawed, with just a nub for a tail. Sweet kitty, very friendly, smart, and vocal... but also awfully independent. He's an awesome cat.

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    Kate454 Guest
    I love siamese/manx cats. I love my Chino siamese/manx She is just amaizing. She is the best one can ever have.She is almost 2 years old

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    Flame Pt. Manx kittens

    Quote Originally Posted by glidergurl03 View Post
    Any updates? I'd love to hear of people breeding what I call Sia-Manx. I'm just getting into it myself. Looking desperately for a flame point female.
    Google pets4you Marjarie Vliet 209 293-7261,near Stockton,CA might
    still have some Flame pt. Manx kittens left.Wonderful kittens,I
    always get mine from her.DeerHaven Dazzler is the name of her
    site.Good luck,Lisa

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    Siamese Manx

    Hey, I was just googling for a siamese/manx add because we lost our 8 year old siamese/manx (Gregory) around this past Easter.. I wasn't aware that they were an actual mutation that was bred on purpose. Mine was actually born from a mother that was a longhair black cat stray! LOL! She was my friend's cat she took in, and didn't know who the father was. And I took in one of the kittens, they were all siamese and only one had a tail. Mine had like a stub that kind of hooked at the end. Anyway, it's so weird you said yours was really light as a kitten and got darker, mine did the SAME THING.. He was snow white at first with the dark brown/black points, and every year he would get darker and darker, and he was just beautiful.. I think someone stole him. We did not like him going outside, but he loved it. And we live next to an apartment complex. So I am just hoping someone did take him and is taking care of him and loving him and not dead somewhere.. Before we had our son who is 4 1/2 now (Ian), Gregory was like our son, we even had his pictures done professionally.. I have them somewhere I don't know why I have never scanned them, it was so long ago, but anyway, he was super super super smart. I don't know if it's the manx or the siamese, but he was brilliant. And i have had a lot of cats in my life.. Growing up at my moms we were like a shelter for cats, people would dump them at our house, and our yard would be full of them.. But anyway, he was like our son for those first few years, so I actually was just joking with him and started doing the 1-2-3 method, and 3 gets a spanking.. (never spanked him, but for kids, that's what they get.. lol).. And THAT CAT NEVER LET ME GET TO 3 BEFORE HE STOPPED DOING WHATEVER IT WAS THAT HE WAS DOING AND HAULED TATER!! LOL!!!! He was very smart like that. And if he had one quarter of his food gone, or his water was not full and his litter box was not up to par, I am not kidding, he would gripe at me, like come to me and start meowing and would not stop until I got up, and if I did not go straight to his needs, he would grab at each foot with each step I took!! And we had a recliner right by our front door for a few years and if I would act like I was going outside, he would run right up the recliner and grab at me!! LOL!!!! He was awesome.. We really miss him.. I am so glad to see that there are other people out there that have them and love them like we loved ours.. Is your cat doing anything like that? It was like Gregory had a personality like no other cat I have ever had, and the only one that ever came close was a cat that had extra toes, I think they are called polydactyl.. I have had two cats like that, and they are brilliant too.. I have been looking for another siamese manx, and I found a woman who breeds these AMAZING CATS.. They have several mutations, and some of them look like white tigers, they get HUGE like bob cats, they have bent ears like bob cats, and bob tails, some have the poly-dactyl feet, just a bunch of neat differences, that I have not found on any other cat.. And they are all colors, they have siamese too, which is why I am really thinking of getting one, but they are not that cheap either.. They start at $300, but to have them shipped is about $300 too, so I am looking to see if I can find another somewhere cheaper, but they are dolls, all of them.. They have some that are white with stripes, JUST LIKE WHITE TIGERS!! I have never ever seen normal cats look like that.. Just beautiful.. Anyway.. Sorry for such a long story here, I am just excited to see, on my first google search, someone who has a cat that sounds just like my Gregory. I am not sure how to post pictures, but my Greg looks JUST LIKE THE PETLUVSFORLIFE PICTURE, I MEAN THEY COULD BE TWINS!!!! BTW here is the link to those kittens I was telling you about, they are beautiful, if anyone wanted to see what they look like.. If I can find out how to post a picture on here, I will post one, I just signed up to reply to your post.. lol..

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    I just bred my Manx and Siamese cats

    I have a female Siamese and a male Manx.
    They just had their first litter.
    She is a chocolate point and he is all white with a little black patch on his head that has now faded away. He has a stubby tail.
    All 3 look just like dad.
    Two have tails, the 3rd has no tail at all.
    Does that mean two are not Manx and one is?
    Manx cats are a complicated mystery!

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    Both carry the Max genes, as Dad is a Manx. They are all Siamese.Manx mixes, regardless of their looks. Manx can come with a tail, with a half a talk, stubby lump, or no ail at all. Having at leafs that little nub is better than no tail at all, as those kitties can sometime have spinal problems.
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    Any owyhee bob kittens for sale

    Just recently lost my owyhee bob and looking for another. Any one have any close to ky.

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    Simbas sister

    Quote Originally Posted by 3blindmice View Post
    Another showing Misha's pom-pom tail.
    Wow I am in shock. I believe in my heart I was mother to mishaps brother simba. Also from an acreage south east I believe of Edmonton. The coolest personality. A true one owner cat. Let me send pictures I made this account to get in touch with you? Do you still have misha

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3blindmice View Post
    Another showing Misha's pom-pom tail.

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    Siamese manx

    I got twins, you can see them from their birth a year ago on my Facebook, jamesdeand

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