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Thread: Pretty Shelly Turtle!

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    Pretty Shelly Turtle!

    We think your name is very fun, and such a logical choice for a turtle! We are glad your person adopted you, as she has taken good care of her turtles, and she knew you needed help very quickly! We are glad your eyes are much better now, after all, a turtle has to see to eat! And now I am sure you are making up for lost time! It is great your new brothers welcomed you right in, and there was no hissing of shell-bumping. You look like you fit right in! We are glad you did make your way to rescue, and now you have a good loving home! Congratulations, Shelly, you are our Pet of the Day!
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    I am glad your eyes are better Shelly. Congrats on being POTD.

    All things work together for good to them that love God.
    (Romans 8:28)

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    You're a beauty Shelly!!! I'm so glad you ended up in a great home!

    I agree with your person, people need to research pets and their care before they get them!

    Congrats on being POTD! I hope you have a fun day!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Lucky Shelly!

    Congratulations, Shelly, on #1-Being adopted by your loving forever parent! We compassionate people who adopt needy pets!! (Wish all turtles were this lucky!) -and- #2-Being POTD world-wide so we can all enjoy your success story! We love all your photos and your heartwarming story. YES, turtles (like all pets, including all rodents) require and deserve a serious, life-time commitment by a mature, responsible person. We know you'll enjoy your special honor today and every day of your wonderful, new, fun, carefree life in your loving forever home, Sweetheart Shelly! XOXOXO

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    Sweet Slider Shelly!

    Hey there Shelly! Happy Pet of the Day! (Can I say I love your name!)

    What a beautiful, healthy, vibrant Red Slider you are, clearly living the good life, every Slider's dream life! How wonderful that you've regained your sight, sweetheart! As had been said, you need to see to eat! We only wish all Sliders, all less common, unique, rare creatures were as lucky as you, having a human so knowledgeable, so committed and caring!

    Back when I was a kid, Sliders were sold at the local 5&10, the purchaser given no instructions as to care and feeding! Most of them lived out their (very short) lives in a small fish bowl placed in a corner of the room, if lucky, by a window, their "tank" embellished with nothing more than a large stone to perch on! Today, thankfully, many more pet parents are better educated as to proper Slider care, pet care in general, but not enough! So, we give great thanks to your mom for rescuing you, for sharing with us your very moving story, along with so many stunning photos and a veritable primer on the proper "care and feeding" of a Slider! Every critter, no matter their size, be they furred, feathered, shelled, skinned etc., deserves a life time commitment from a caring human. The rewards are priceless! Just ask your mom!

    Hope you're enjoying a very special Pet of the Day celebration, sweet Shelly, paling around with your turtle siblings, being spoiled rotten! You sure deserve it! And here's to many, many more happy years for you and your wonderful mom! Lots of love to you, beautiful Shelly, Pet of the Day, EVERY day!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    How wonderful for you, sweetheart Shelly, that the right person so knowledgeable about your care came along and saved you! I'm glad you get along with your kinfolk and your eyes are better. May you live a long and healthy life now, thanks to your devoted guardian. Happy POTD!

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    My beautiful Shelly

    I remember having red-eared sliders as a kid (sixty years ago).
    They would paint the shell and put a little flower decal on it.
    That may be what made them not live very long.
    Thank-you all for writing about Shelly.
    With the internet now a days, anyone can and SHOULD learn about a pet
    they are thinking about getting.
    I just can't understand why people get animals and then don't take care of them.
    Shelly is much better, but she still doesn't swim as much as the other two.
    Her eyes are open all the time, and she is eating every time I feed them.
    Her markings are so beautiful. I'm glad the Huntsville Humane Society took her in.

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    So great to see Shelly as POTD and that excellent care and know how has healed her eyes and her health is so much better now. She is definitely in the right hands and is very cute!


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