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Thread: Jim and Amy - Two for Tuesday!

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    Jim and Amy - Two for Tuesday!

    What a sweet-looking little pair you are. Thank goodness Amy was a smart girl and played hard-to get. I don't know why anyone believes a pet store's guess at an animal's gender, as most have only retail training, so it is good their new mom got things checked out! And now that he is "fixed" (bet he never knew he was broken (old family joke), they can be happy together and keep each other company. I know they are both much loved, and wonder if it was just Jim's hormones that prompted him to start nipping his first owner. In any case, they are adorable, and look very happy together!
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    Dynamic Duo: Jim & Amy!

    Congratulations, Jim & Amy, on sharing POTD honors today! You 2 are sooooo cute!! (We're so glad you can be good cage friends without adding to the overpopulation of babies that need homes!) We hope you enjoy your special day today with your loving forever family! Best wishes for a long, happy, healthy, safe, fun life, Cuties! XOXO

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    Aww, Jim and Amy, you two are the cutest!!! I bet you're a lot of fun!

    Congrats on being POTD! I hope you have a fun day celebrating!
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    Hello Jim and Amy! You two are just the cutest! Have a great day as POTD!
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    Precious piggies Jim and Amy!

    Hi Jim and Amy! Happy Piggy Pet of the Day! What a treat, having an adorable duo, "two for Tuesday," as our featured honorees! What a precious pair of piggies you are!

    Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to wheek off a note to us, Jim! It was a bit of a long and winding route you took, on your way to your forever home; getting all that gender stuff straightened out (and "fixed"), finding the perfect fit of a family, not to mention the perfect cage mate/furry soul mate, in Amy! But there you both are, living the good life, and as the saying goes, some things are worth the wait!

    How lucky you and Amy are to have one another, and how lucky your family is, having two such beautiful, sweet and fun loving best friend in you two...doubly blessed!

    Thanks for the BIG smiles, cutie pies! I hope you're both enjoying your well earned day of honor, being loved and pampered to pieces! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, precious Jim and Amy!

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    Jim and Amy are waaaaay too cute! Perfect wee POTD!


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