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Thread: Cat maybe blind in one eye

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    Cat maybe blind in one eye

    Took my cat into the vet for an eye problem. He said that she (Sadie) maybe/become blind in one eye due to an injury. However I suspect that she may not be blind/completely blind in the eye due to the following reasons. 1) coordination is fine, not bumping into things and getting round ok. 2) If the lights are low, she will open the eye and close it in bright light. 3) she will open it at times when walking around the house. 4) she will not flench when putting onitment in it until just before I touch her eye. I can handle her and open it and nothing until I approach it with the meds.

    here eye does get the milky look to it but the meds clear it up almost all the way. and then you can see her brown eye. She seems to be in no pain what so ever. Which also suprised my vet a little.

    I am just wanting other opinions. Also wanting to know if it was just wishful thinking on my part.

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    Hopefully she will be okay, you might consider getting a different vet's opinion, just to be sure what's going on.
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    I so aggree with CatDaddy.. Also as Karen states do go to another Vet for a second advise.. Good Luck & Sending Lots of Prayers & Hugss for your baby..

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    I am definetly not a Vet but I have been around cats who have been blind and/or missing an eye and they are very adaptive. Thier sense of hearing is very keen and seem to adjust very well. I hope Sadies eye is okay but I don't think it will hold her back if she does lose vision in one eye. Best Wishes for Sadie and yourself.

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