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    cat breeds

    my 6 are; Quigley is a Russian Blue, Thomas is a black and white tux, Gregory is a dark grey tabby, Spot is an orange tabby, Benjamin is a Bengal crossed witha black and silver tabby, and Clare is a...
  2. Redhedds reply

    Just wanted to offer my heartfelt sympathies on your loss of Goldie. I have a Russian Blue named Quigley, and he will be 15 on July 15th. He is starting to have some age related problems, and I now...
  3. Thread: Cat names

    by Mercles

    cats names

    My cats are named Quigley, Thomas Gregory,Spot, Benjamin, and Clare. I named all but two. I tend to let the cat be in the house at least a few days, sometimes as long as two weeks, so I can see what...
  4. hand biting and stuffed toy carrying

    I think both may be reactions to being taken away from momma, and or littermates too early. The kitten never has a chance to engage in rough behavior and play fighting with littermates. I have a...
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