Why Bearded Dragons Make Awesome Pets

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If youíre still searching for a pet (or another) to bring joy to your life, look no further. The bearded dragon is a wonderful pet that many claim as the most social reptiles you can find. Having owned many bearded dragons myself, I have come to the realization that they can become great pets for any pet lovers. So what makes these reptiles such awesome pets? The bearded dragon is a unique lizard with many behaviors that make them entertaining and exciting to observe. I canít say the same for other reptiles.

Here iíll describe just some of the many behaviors of a bearded dragon that iíve seen, and what they actually mean. If you get the chance to see beardies in person, i highly suggest looking for these behaviors.

Head bobbing

No, your dragon isnít grooving to the music when heís head bobbing. This type of behavior happens mainly among males but have been seen in females as well. Typically, when a male dragon meets another dragon in an enclosure, he will start to bob his head. This is a common way for dragons to establish a sort of dominance among other dragons. However, if you have just one dragon, this may not be as common of a behavior.

Puffing the Beard

If a dragon starts head bobbing to another dragon that doesnít back down, they will both start head bobbing. To take things to the next step, you may see these dragon puff their throats out and change the color to black.

Have you ever wondered why these lizards are called the bearded dragon? Itís because in this state, it really looks like they have a beard. When beards are out, each dragon will examine each other and size each other up. Usually the dragon thats bigger in size in this bearded state will win the battle of dominance.

Waving the Arms

Two bearded dragons will rarely fight it out. These are intelligent creatures that will usually work things out to prevent anyone from getting hurt and injured. If after the head bobbing and the beards, a dragon decides he wants to submit to the more dominant dragon, he will perform a behavior called arm waving.

The submissive dragon will slowly raise his arm and wave it in a circular motion towards the body. It may be clockwise or counterclockwise depending on which arm is doing the waving. And after this, the dominant beardie will know exactly what he means and not pursue any further actions, such as fighting.

Push Ups

This is really a funny thing to watch if you ever get the chance to. For us humans, push ups are meant for us to get a workout, but thats not the case for dragons. A female dragon will really start doing push ups when she is ready to mate with a male. Itís a signal to the male that she is ready. Of course, the chances of this happening will significantly be better if you have both a male and female dragon. However, female dragons may still do this around mating season even if theyíre by themselves.

As you can tell by now, the bearded dragon is a wonderful reptile pet to raise. Caring for them is relatively easy, and there is a huge community online that will be more than happy to help you in the process. If you do think think these dragons are great for you, I would recommend a free care course you can sign up for right here. You wonít ever be bored if you own a bearded dragon.

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