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08-14-2001, 11:24 AM
Hello Everyone!

This is off of Shiawassee's Humane Society's website via Petfinder:

Shiawassee Humane Society (http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/MI01.html)

As you've heard or seen broadcasted on TV news programs, teh Shiawassee Sheriff's Department, along with Shiawassee Animal Control, discovered hundreds of animals abandoned at a house in the Owosso area. Cages upon cages, plus many loose animals were left without food and water during our latest heat extremes in the 90's. The 300 animals are currently being held in the empty salt storage building. The process is in place to legally transfer ownership of these pets from the current owner over to Shiawassee County. Therefore, they are currently not available for adoption. When they are, we will be assisting Animal Control with posting these, and other needy animals through PetFinder. We at the Humane Society encourage those with the space and time, to consider adopting some of these animals. We also ask you to put a lot of thought into adopting ANY animal, as they all have been through enough disappointment as it is. However, speaking from experience, you'll see that rescued animals do show gratitude and love for their adooption. For more information about adopting when the pets become available, please contact Shiawassee Animal Control at 989-743-2406. The Shiawassee Sheriff's Department is accepting MUCH NEEDED DONATIONS to treat and care for the animals. To donate, call 989-743-3411. We recommend that if you are looking to simply obtain more information, you follow the news reports or check this website, as the Sheriff and Animal Control need their phone lines open to get these animals as much as as soon as possible. Thanks to any and all that can help!

Kim and Kia

(since all dogs and cats were found this will be posted under Dog & Cat Rescue)

08-16-2001, 12:08 PM
Unfortunately there is nothing much I can do to help, I really hope though that they all will find the loving homes they deserve.