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06-25-2000, 10:03 PM
As the owner of 4 rescued, unrelated cats, I can honestly say they make great pets! If they are introduced to each other in a proper manner, almost no hissing and such occurs. Mine are all friendly with each other, and can be found to play or sleep together.


06-28-2000, 03:44 PM
I agree with you 100%! All of my pets are former "homeless" pets. At first, they fought a little bit.. then they politely ignored each other.. and now they can be seen playing and chasing each other around the house. Makes you wonder why they were homeless in the first place, huh?

07-01-2000, 01:04 PM
Yep...they are the best pets. I have 3 cats outside (i live on 5 acres) and 3 cats inside. All were strays. One was from a batch i bottle-fed. I am now fostering a pregnant cat who had 6 kittens 2 wks. ago. And i will be taking in 5 kitties who need a "mom" since theirs was no longer around. they are about the same age as the ones i have now. should be interesting.
I have fostered puppies and kittens for 10 years now and the strays i get are great pets. I would NEVER buy a purebred cat (or dog for that matter) when there are so many out there that need homes and are probalby healthier.

07-19-2000, 03:15 PM
Both my darling cats are moggies, their zeal for life and love for me is beyond description. Our eldest cat didn't appreciate her younger rival at first, but after a lot of care and attention, they're tolerating each other. I even saw them kiss once!!

07-20-2000, 07:04 AM
I agree that animal shelters should be supported - in the country I live in there can only be no-kill shelters (by law)and they care for a large number of animals and the costs are astronomical. My sister is a volunteer in one of these and I got my third cat from them (I found the other two in the street). I makes me so angry to see how many pets are abandoned each year, especially just before the summer holidays. I can't honestly understand how people can abandon their pets - now you can find so many purebreeds as well, people pay a fair amount of money for them, wait until the breeder has the one they want and thenů they abandon them or even kill them. Having pets means that you have to sacrifice something and I think people should think before just getting one but hey, they pay you back a thousand times. Some people tend to forget that animals have feeling too:

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