View Full Version : Booties

10-25-2000, 01:35 PM
Very beautiful face! Resembles a lot to my Katz (RIP), only that her nose wasn't white, but the same green eyes!


10-25-2000, 02:16 PM
Booties!!! You're such a cutie! Cutie Booties!!!!! What a great name. I love those little white paws.

10-25-2000, 03:37 PM
You are one Lucky cat Booties!!! A special thank you to your owners for rescuing you. You look a lot like my old cat Duffy (it was Fluffy until I discovered it was a male cat.)

10-25-2000, 06:10 PM
Oh Booties, what a cutie! And you have such a lovely command of the English language!! Your outfit is especially tasteful. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. Sounds like you have a grrrrreat life and a wonderful family! Keep ruling with an iron paw. You're awesome. More meow power to you!