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08-24-2001, 02:31 PM
Attached are two posting from a dog transport board that i belong to. The person to contact is Kim at [email protected] or call her (270) 476-8891 .... i'm struggling on the west coast with feelings of despair - i want to board a plane and take these two! They need foster and shelter oh so badly... and love lots of love!

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Subject: Fw: [Dog_Rescue_RailRoad] PLEASE Help Us Get These Two To
Safety!! Rottie Transport- 8/24!!!

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Subject: [Dog_Rescue_RailRoad] PLEASE Help Us Get These Two To Safety!!
Rottie Transport- 8/24!!!

> Hi everyone,
> So far no takers to help these two :-( We only have two legs to
> Please, Please, Please help me get these two to safety. These two
> second chance at life and no dog deserves to die by starving to death
> being beaten. I am begging for help at this point. If we can't fill
it by
> tonight, we will be forced to call the transport off. Please email me
> me if you can help. (270) 476-8891
> The legs look like this:
> **Due to the urgency of this situation please crosspost
> I have 2 Rotties who DESPERATELY need to get into foster care in New
> this weekend. God bless you Kelly for taking these two in. Below are
> needing to be filled. Under the legs is the sickening story of these
> Please find it in your heart to read it. Both will be riding
> you can provide a crate for them. I am unsure how they will ride so a
> is recommended. Both will be UTD on shots prior to the trip.
> Leg 1: Drakesboro, KY- Columbus, OH= Filled by Margie
[email protected]
> Leg 2: Columbus, OH-Akron, OH ( 128) = NEEDED
> Leg 3: Akron, OH- Youngstown, OH ( 50) = NEEDED
> Youngstown, OH- NY = Filled by Kelly
> -Kim

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Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 23:44:14 EDT
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Subject: Re: URGENT: Emergency Transport Needed for Abused Dogs
<Rotts> UPDATE

Things are changing with these 2 poor Rotts. I just received the
below post
from their rescuer. Can anyone offer Kim any help or suggestions.
cross post to anyone else that you think might be able to help. Thanks.

<<Please repost to all. NY rescue will not be able to take Gracie and
They will need urgent foster immediately. Gracie was given antibiotics
and Albon as soon as we got her into the shelter. She is drinking alot
water but it isn't the same as Pedialyte. I will bring her some first
in the morning. There has to be someone out there somewhere that can
these 2 in and help them!!! They deserve a second chance at life.. Do
know anyone who could take these two in?? I am hitting brick walls
I turn for help>>

Carl A Nylund
[email protected]
KC Rescue
Carl's Rescue Page for MUGGINS
In Memory of Craig Eugene Nylund
ICQ# 75163175

:( :(

08-24-2001, 02:59 PM
I do live closer...I called the number and left a message. I have a leased SUV, and I only have a few more months til my lease is up and I am so far below the allowable mileage that I feel that 1 big road trip would be good to get me caught up so I am did not waste my money on those extra miles for nothing :) I'll be sure and fill you in if they call me back.

08-24-2001, 03:38 PM
I love you! let me know if i can help with gas or food or supplies or anything!! :D

janet and bug

08-24-2001, 03:45 PM
I was out of my office for just a minute and wouldn't you know that's when I got the call back :( On the message the lady said that it appeared the foster home fell through :( :( and she asked me if anyone I know has room to foster them. The female was heartworm neg. but she has every other worm known to man...she did not tell me about the male. I'm going to call back and see what I can do, but I know for sure that I can't foster a rottie. Rotties are not allowed in my complex, and it's too small for a large crate anyway. Plus not enough room to keep it in quarintine...don't want Graham to get anything contagious. I'll see what I can do though. I'll call back *again* and see if there's anything at all I can do. I love rotties and have always wanted to participate in a leg of a relocation trip. Don't know if they will even need that now :( Poor dogs.

08-24-2001, 03:45 PM
here is the rottie's story. I thought i had captured it initially and found i hadn't.... too many tissue blurs in my face!

This is from Kim:
Last night I was called out to look at 2 Rotties in Greenville, KY. What I saw has caused me to seriously rethink whether or not I want to continue rescue. Most of you remember me posting about the 2starving Rotties yesterday needing help. It was MUCH WORSE than I couldhave ever imagined.
Worse even than the puppy mills I go to :-(
The property is littered with the carcasses of dead cats and kittens. It seems these people have been getting cats out of the state of Indiana and using them for target practice. They boasted to me that they had just brought in a shipment of cats from Indiana and "cats make great target practice".
> The garbage on the property is knee deep.
> These 2 dogs, ages 1 and a half and 6, are being penned seperately in pens that there is no way that even I could stretch out comfortably in. They are wading through feces that are up to their stomachs. We had to
fight through weeds taller than we were to get to these dogs. No one has seen about them in months. Both are emaciated and were screaming and clawing trying to get out of their pens to the food I had fed them. I was feeding them from a long handled spoon that they nearly broke in half trying to eat :-(
Both have NEVER seen a vet in their lives. Shots are a must before transport and wil be done immediately.
Both have been abused. A log chain is kept hanging from their pens that the owner uses to beat them with. Another little tidbit the owners wanted to share..
For the GOOD news. I went into these pens with these two. A scary prospect,but I did. Both are sweet dogs. Starving and filthy, but nevertheless, very sweet.
This my friends is what rescue is about. We HAVE to help these dogs. The dogs are being removed from there tommorow. My husband is going today to bring them food and water. Tommorow we will vaccinate and scrub.
> Friday, we will need your help..
It also bears mentioning that these 2 were not the only dogs there. There was a third that the owner shot because it kept trying to escape that hell hole.
I am documenting everything. I WILL have justice for these two dogs or I will die trying.
> Please, Please, Please do all that you can to help get these two to safety.
> Thanks,
> -Kim Pennington

08-24-2001, 03:51 PM
Just wanted you to know that I talked to Kim and I am going to email her my address/home phone so that when they can get a for sure foster home I may be able to help with the transport. I'll do what I can, since it's not terribly far away, althought it would be one heck of a road trip :) I'll keep you updated.

08-24-2001, 03:58 PM
I look upon the road trips as mini-vacations with fur faces and warm fuzzies to carry you through the rest of the week. I have driven rescue dogs from Sacramento all the way up to Washington in one day and back home to Santa Cruz. Okay it was a long day but well worth it. it was something like 1400 miles round trip. (and yes, my butt hurt!) Bug was a dream navigator and the two pups have great forever homes in Washington.

Thanks again!

anyone for fostering? ;)

08-24-2001, 07:20 PM
how about rottie rescue groups...i found alot searching for boomer and precious...that story was horrible...and you wonder why people think of kentucky way too close too being a "deliverance" state....people like that give a beautiful state a very bad name....deli dog :mad:

08-24-2001, 09:33 PM
Oh, I got this through email yesterday. This is so sad. :( :mad: I don't know how people can be so disgusting. :mad: :mad:

08-24-2001, 11:43 PM
Their story is very upsetting. I am just sick. Those poor dogs do not deserve their miserable treatment. My heart goes out to them. I hope they find a foster. Good luck.

Daisy's Mom
08-25-2001, 12:30 AM
Oh that's a horrible story! It made me queezy. Those poor dogs. I hope a foster home for them can be found ASAP. Leslie, what a wonderful caring person you are! Thank you for trying to help! I wish I could do something!

08-26-2001, 01:51 AM
Leslie, If they need a leg from Cols to Youngstown sometime this week Tues 8-28-01 thru 8-30-01 (TH) I might be able to do it. :( Altho I doubt things could happen that fast, I don't want to say for sure. ( I am off work those 3 days.
Would Phred know anyone in the area?? He lives in Youngstown.
Leslie, I am going to send you my ph # to use in case it goes down this week. OK?????

Cinder & Smoke
08-27-2001, 11:47 AM
Dad wuz reel busy :eek: this last weekend - doin stuff wiffa Fire Guyz an visitin GranMom...

We've signed up a couple of times to help with a transport through Ohio, but they've been cancelled at the last moment because of a problem semewhere else in the route :(. We can't remember :confused: who transporters were on the other sides of our segments. Most of them were from Columbus, Pittsburgh, or Erie. Setting up a multi-segment transport takes a LOT of work!!

08-27-2001, 12:47 PM
the girls are out of the "home" (or hell) and are on their way to safety and health. as i hear more i'll pass it along.

janet & bug

08-27-2001, 05:52 PM
HoooooooRayyyyyyyy!!! :) :) :)

Daisy's Mom
08-28-2001, 02:18 AM
That's great! I can't wait to hear the happy details.

08-28-2001, 02:47 PM