View Full Version : an aging bird?

08-21-2002, 08:53 PM
hi, this is a forwarded message. this person posted the message on a news group i participate. but none of us has experience with such an old bird. perhaps someone here could help? thanks.

Hi: I just found this group and am really pleased. It is hard to find bird
groups. We have 5 birds, all rescues for various reasons. A tiny budgie who
thinks he is very large, a lineolated parakeet with a bad eye, a peach front
conure who is 25+ years old and has Attitude, a "tiel who flew away from
home and a goffins cockatoo who had a harrowing adventure coming here from
the Canadian prairies.

I do have a question. There is very little information out there on older
birds. I believe that current knowledge about nutrition and care is
promoting much longer life in our bird companions and mainstream information
has not yet caught up.

My conure, Cheeseball, has been changing color over the past 2 molts. His
flight and tail feathers are going from green to golden yellow with cobalt
blue edges and his chest is also becoming more golden. He is healthy, happy
and quite enamoured of my husband. There has been no sign of illness or
change in behaviour. Does anyone know if this is a warning sign of
impending illness or simply his way of going grey? The nearest bird doctor
is an hour and a half car ride from us and you can imagine the upheaval such
a trip causes, particularly if not necessary.[COLOR=red]