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06-24-2002, 10:16 AM
Hi everyone!

Yesterday I spent my whole day attempting to trap cats beind the post office in Hartford. They hadn't been fed for 2 days so I knew they'd be hungry. It was sweltering out, but the smell of sardines (:p ) brought the male out. He made it in the trap but unfortunately, I listened to the woman helping me instead of doing what my common sense was telling me to do, and that was to leave him in the trap.

Because we only had two traps, my friend said it would be better to transfer him to a carrier so we'd free up the trap, even though I knew that in order to do that we'd need a transfer cage. As we were transferring him (I had gloves on, my friend, who gave me gloves, didn't) he slipped out. Trying to restrain him, my friend got bit and had to have a tetanus shot as well as a series of rabies. Animal Control had to be called as a matter of law. :(

We reset the traps and waited. I knew in my heart that it was way too hot for the mama and babies to come out and I also knew that the orange male wouldn't go near the trap again.

I'm going to try it again next Sunday. Only this time I'm doing it alone! I've been trapping feral cats for 3 years. I should've known better. :rolleyes:

06-24-2002, 03:59 PM

You'll have better luck next time.As you said
it's just been plain TOO HOT for most critters,
me included.:D Sorry about your friends hand.:(

06-24-2002, 04:42 PM

I just talked to my friend and she's fine. The Animal Control officer is going to try and catch the male that bit her and quarantine him for 14 days. Then he'll give him back so we can neuter him and MAYBE socialize him enough to get him a home. I feel so bad for these guys. They didn't ask to be dumped. :(

06-24-2002, 05:16 PM
I don't want to throw cold water on the plan,
but in my city, I would be very reluctant to call
or report any bite from an animal I was trapping.
I'd see a Dr. for sure, but would not get A.C.
involved.There is no way to quarantee they will
return the animal to you. Sorry, but I'm just
paranoid about A.C. as a city service. It might
be different where you live. Good Luck. Liz.

06-24-2002, 09:08 PM
In Connecticut, the law says an animal bite HAS to be reported and she did go to a walk in clinic. That's why the AC got involved. He did assure her that after the 14 day quarantine we could get the cat neutered and then release him or find him a home. Personally, I don't think he's adoptable and we should just let him back out. But I'll worry about that when I need to. Don't worry, you didn't rain on my parade lizbud. :D

06-25-2002, 08:54 AM
I was at work last night getting ready to leave when I got a phone call from the post office. We got the three babies!!!!! I went and got them last night on my way home. They are now safe in my apartment. I am SO happy. We've now decided to try trapping the rest of them at night. If we can just get the mama next, that would make a BIG difference.

I can't tell you how excited and relieved I am that those babies (yet unnamed, suggestions anyone??) are finally safe. Now my job begins. I'm going to leave them be for at least 48 hours except to feed them (they're eating great!!). I did pet them this morning (one of them growled but the other two were quite passive). The first order of business will be to have them tested and all three vaccinated.

:D :D :D :D :D :D

Can ya tell I'm ecstatic? Stay tuned!!

06-25-2002, 09:57 AM
When I trapped several ferals, the mama was the last to trap. Could be that they are the most afraid.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Names.....lots would depend on their sex.... but the post office does bring some generic tems to mind.... let me think about names....

06-25-2002, 01:41 PM

Great News !!! Three babies all at once.Good
work. Turned out not so feeble after all.Congrats
on a job well done. Now, come on Momma...:D Liz.

06-26-2002, 01:33 AM
For names how about Stamp, FedEx, and Priority! I know those are really obvious but what a cute combo and what a great story to tell!

I'm so glad you were able to catch them!!! :D

06-26-2002, 01:52 PM
We got one of the males last night. Unfortunately he was very badly beat up. I had made arrangements with the clinic at the Humane Society that whenever I trapped another cat I could leave them there and they would spay/neuter them and call me when they were done.

Well, this morning I called and told them that this poor guy was VERY sick and needed to looked at. The woman on the phone who was a real b#[email protected]! said that they wouldn't seem him without any appointment. For a feral cat!!! So here I am driving around with a poor sick feral cat in a trap begging vets to please look at him and tell me if they can either help him or put him out of his misery. Everyone said no. :mad: :mad: :mad:

To add insult to injury, my air conditioning in my car isn't working and I'm sweating up a storm (it's 90 degrees in CT and HUMID!). Finally, I call my friend who is an animal control officer. She looked at the poor cat with this huge gash on his face and called a vet that helps her out with her cats at the pound and they agreed to look at him and determine what to do.

They were so very nice. The vet took one look at him and said he needed to be euthanized. I feel awful. I wish there was something I could've done to help him but he would never have been adoptable which means we'd have to put him back outside. I know he wouldn't have survived another winter. I'm just very sad that I couldn't be there with him when the vet had to put him down. No cat should die alone. :( :(

So, I'm still plugging away. We've got two more to go. The mama and daddy. BTW, the babies are doing great!

I worked with them this morning (as tired as I was) and although one is still hissing at me, they're beginning to relax. I know they're going to make great pets!!

I'll keep you posted guys!

06-26-2002, 10:11 PM

So sorry about the injured cat that couldn't be saved.:(

If this vet cared enough to minister to a "feral" kitty,
than he wasn't really alone when he died. Caring hands
released him to Rainbow Bridge.
It's good that the babies are doing well. I'll bet the hissing
babe is a male. Just a hunch. Good luck with the others. :)

06-27-2002, 02:52 PM

I was able to "look" briefly when I moved them out of the litterbox to clean it this morning. I think the black one, Ozzie, is a girl, although I am not 100% positive because she jumped out of my hands when I lifted up her tail. Grumpy is DEFINITELY a male. Deke I assume is also a male because most orange cats are. Here are some pictures I took this morning. They're doing great. Now all we have to do is concentrate on the mama and daddy. Mama especially because I can guarantee she's pregnant again and time is running out (62 day gestation). :eek:

06-27-2002, 02:54 PM
Here's Ozzie (my daughter picked the names, BTW):rolleyes:
She's the shyest of the three.

06-27-2002, 02:57 PM
Here's Deke. He's orange with white feet and white on his chest.

06-27-2002, 07:34 PM

Great pictures !!! Wanted to ask if you are keeping them
together in the same cage ? They are cute little ones, and
I'm sure they will come to love the "good life" of home &
family one day. Well Done and Good Luck with trapping
the others. :) Liz.

06-27-2002, 07:42 PM

Yup, they're all together. And yes the hissing babe IS a male. But I think they're finally getting the idea that people aren't so bad after all. I also think their easy socializing is due to the fact that they were in back of a post office and were exposed to the postal workers who fed them. Alot of the employees are inquiring about them so I know they will get good homes.

Thanks for the compliment, Liz. :D

07-01-2002, 07:26 PM
The boys are doing great! I've got them all purring, Grumpy Dave being the first. They love playing with the toys I bought them and have really made great progress in less than a week!

Thinking about ya, Lizbud.

07-03-2002, 06:50 PM
Yes, but they would've charged an outrageous amount of money, being an emergency clinic. I am trapping these cats on my own with no monetary help from anyone. I am also feeding the babies with no help from anyone.

I still have 2 cats left to trap, the mama and daddy of the babies I trapped. And I'm under time constraints with mama because I guarantee she's pregnant again and the gestation is only 62-65 days.

I have NEVER seen such an overwhelming kitten season in my entire life.

Update on the boys: Grumpy Dave is still purring away, only he lays in my lap on the floor and sleeps (briefly, but hey, that's progress). I'm going to try the same thing with the other two boys now and see how they handle it.

It starts by putting one foot in front of the other. Baby steps, yeah, that's it!!

07-09-2002, 04:23 PM
Good news!

Grumpy Dave may have a home with someone's grandmother!!! He deserves it. I did tell the woman that her mom needs to be patient with him, which I'm sure will happen. I'll let you know how it goes. :D

The other two guys are amazing! Ozzie just lays in my lap and purrs away. Deke is also just as mellow. I know I'll have no trouble finding homes for them.

07-09-2002, 05:20 PM
How cute how old do you think they are?

07-09-2002, 07:13 PM
They're about 12 weeks old according to the vet. I'm slowly falling in love with Ozzie, the little black one. He's so shy but purrs like a diesel engine. My heart melts everytime I look into his beautiful brown eyes.:rolleyes:

07-09-2002, 08:45 PM
Moosmom, the more I read your posts about the feline escapades, the more I would like to become involved in feral rescue. But, of course, I'll have to get moved first, and I am not sure there is anyone who is also doing the same kind of service in my new home town. I'll have to see the local vet and inquire.

07-21-2002, 08:10 AM

All three of them, Ozzie, Grumpy Dave and Deke, were neutered yesterday. They also have all their shots.

:( :( Ozzie has a home and will be going there on Monday. I've become VERY attached to him. But I know it's for the best.

Grumpy Dave is going to a woman who has 2 other feral kitties. They have the greatest life!! They're outdoor (which is exactly what Dave deserves) and at night, they live in heated kittie houses (during the winter months). Dave needs to be outside as he seems to be miserable inside. I've tried everything and have determined that he'll be much happier there.

Deke is still up for grabs. Once the other two leave, I'll be able to spend one-on-one with him to help him lose his shyness. He's a beautiful boy who is a purring machine. And he can go to Michigan with me!!:D :D :D

07-21-2002, 09:36 AM
Gosh, you have done such a terrific job at saving these little guys from horror. Bless you!


07-25-2002, 01:00 PM
Thanks SAS.

I still have the two boys, Grumpy Dave and Deke. Grumpy Dave is still as grumpy as ever. Although last night when I was holding and talking to Deke, Dave was standing up in the cage meowing at me like he wanted his turn, which is a breakthrough!!! I'm hesitant to let him go because part of me is convinced there's a pretty cool cat behind all that hissing and growling. I want to spend a little more time with him to see if he'll come around.

07-28-2002, 11:38 AM
Grumpy Dave went to his home in the country yesterday. I truly believe that deep down he will always be wild and will be much happier with other ferals.

My only concern is that the woman who has taken him in and is very knowledgeable on ferals, told me that once he's been there for a while and has gotten used to his surroundings, he will be able to go out and hang around with the other two ferals. She said "I hope he has enough sense to follow Bear's lead (the Alpha feral in the group) and stay close to the yard." That made bells go off in my head. The last thing I want to do is send this poor little guy to his demise with coyotes and other wildlife (the woman lives out in the country set back from a busy main road).

Deke on the other hand is doing great! I let him out of the cage in the back bedroom, but left the cage door open. He uses it as his "safe zone". He LOVES sitting on the windowsill watching the birds and running crazy with the HUNDREDS of toys he's got to play with. Looks like he's coming with me to Michigan. I love him alot and hope he and my other cats will get along.

So, any advice anyone can give me about Grumpy Dave's situation?? I'd appreciate it.


07-29-2002, 02:02 PM

Hi. I don't really believe that some cats can only be "happy"
in the wild outdoors. Some are definately more fearful and
slower to trust us than others.(their Momma taught them well)
It takes a combination of enough space, time to devote to
getting them to trust, etc. as you well know. How is the woman
going to introduce Dave to the outside kitties? I agree that
keeping him inside while he adjusts to the new place is a good
idea, but when he's then released to go outside, how will he
know or trust the outside cats? Do you know what I mean?
I tend to be way overprotective of the young ones anyway, so
maybe he'll do just fine out in the woods. :eek: Liz.

07-29-2002, 03:53 PM
Donna, I was just reading over the last month of your hard work with these babies...what a wonderful, absolutely remarkable person you are!!! I am so impressed. This is really difficult work, and you've done a miracle! I can only imagine the other stories you have to tell.

It is a pleasure to see you "in action." I am most impressed. These babies are so very, very fortunate to have had you as their angel.

God bless you, Donna!!!! And much furry paw applause from here!

Bari et al

07-29-2002, 06:12 PM

I've been on the internet and phone almost the whole day trying to find someone to foster these two boys. So far I've come up empty handed. :( Freddy and Puddy deserve a home, not a shelter. I will keep at it until I can find someone to take them. I know it's difficult when I'm in Connecticut and they are in Ohio, but I will be in Michigan at the end of the month for good (If you haven't read, I'm moving to Detroit), which might make it easier.

Thank you for the compliment! Two of the three boys have homes. Actually, they all do. Deke is staying with me. (Yes, I guess I do have SUCKER written on my forehead) He's made himself right at home too. My cats don't have a problem with him so it looks like I now have 7 cats instead of 6. That's not the worse thing to happen to me.

I'll keep you posted on how I make out.

07-29-2002, 06:19 PM

I'm the same way with the babies that I socialize. I am VERY overprotective. I am a little concerned about Dave. But I know the woman who has taken him in. She has assured me that she will continue to work with him to see if he can trust again. He's a tough cookie though, and his mama sure did teach him well. My biggest fear, as you mentioned, is once he gets used to his surroundings and is let outside, will he know enough to stay with the others and come in when he's supposed to.

I had a situation a while back where I socialized 3 feral kitties for well over 3 months. I, like a jerk, adopted one out to a scumbag security guard where I worked. (I should learn to listen to my instincts). He ASSURED me that this baby was for his son and his son adored the cat. I kept telling him I wanted to see the cat, NOT a picture of him, but to see the cat physically. He himmed and hawed and said that he gave him to his neighbor who moved to NY. He told me he would have her call me and send a picture. I told him flat out I didn't trust him and wanted the cat back. He refused. I was heartbroken! :(

I still think about the kitten and try not to beat myself up over it. I assure myself that he IS in NY and IS okay. If I don't, I'll cry. But that's why I am much more cautious. I trust no one anymore. These are MY babies that I worked hard to gain their trust. I am very strict on who I let adopt them.
And if I come off being a bitch to the perspective adoptees, tough!! :mad:

07-29-2002, 06:27 PM
Here's Deke "napping". Think he's made himself comfortable???

Tubby & Peanut's Mom
07-29-2002, 07:15 PM
I don't know, Donna, he looks real comfortable to me. :D What a little cutie. :D

07-29-2002, 07:41 PM

Yeppers, Deke looks completely relaxed to me.:D He is
a real cutie. I wanted you to know that I greatly respect
your commitment and experience with these little guys
and gals. Overprotective ,is good with rescued ferals,
once they start to relate to a human. I'm sure you know
and trust this lady with Dave, or he wouldn't be with her.
Maybe she could just go outside with him the first couple
of times she lets him go outside. Just to hang around for
awhile or stay close by to see how he does. O.K. I'll shut
up now....LOL :D All the Best, Liz & Buddy.

07-29-2002, 08:51 PM

Thank you so much for such a great compliment. I really love working with ferals. It takes alot of patience and you have to learn not to take it personally. But the end result is when you find them homes and now that they are going to be okay.

Deke is a real pisser. He and MooShoo were going at it tonight. No bloodshed. Just hissing and chasing each other. So I know it's going to work out.

Once I get to Michigan, I won't be doing animal rescue anymore (lots of my friends say "yeah, right, whatever"). I might volunteer at a shelter, but that's about it. I'm burned out and need to concentrate on me for a change.

Which reminds me, I had a conversation with my aunt today (hey, she's 82 years old, what does she know) about me moving. She wanted to know WHY I was taking all my cats with me????? :confused: :confused: :confused: I almost fell over!!! What is there NOT to understand? It would be like moving and leaving your kids behind. Oh well.

Now I'LL shut up.